Sarah Wilkinson

intuitive healer, creator & author

A woman helping women to journey deep into their authenticity via intuitive guidance, healing and plant-based nutrition. My work has been featured in various media including Mind, Body, Green, OM Yoga Magazine, Red, Vegan Life, Sheerlux and Lilou Mace TV.

I work primarily with the chakras using a variety of methods in my one to one chakra sessions, which are highly recommended for deep and committed healing. I also offer recorded intuitive card readings and remote healing. 

My first book "The Chakra Kitchen: Feed your Body to Nourish your Spirit" published by CICO Books is filled with organic, seasonal, vegan and gluten-free recipes based around the chakra system. This offering, alongside my hand-blended organic herbal chakra teas, complement spiritual practice and healing sessions. 

I believe that stepping into our true power opens us up to freedom and living. Taking responsibility for our own wellbeing helps others, animals and the earth. We are one.