Sarah Wilkinson

intuitive healer

A woman helping women to journey deep into their authenticity via intuitive guidance, healing and plant-based nutrition.  

I work primarily with the chakras using a variety of tools and techniques that I have built up during my own ongoing journey into wholeness. One to one in person chakra sessions are highly recommended for deeper and committed healing. I also offer recorded intuitive card readings and remote healing. 

My first book "The Chakra Kitchen: Feed your Body to Nourish your Spirit" was published by CICO Books in 2015 and is filled with organic, seasonal, vegan and gluten-free recipes based around the chakra system. This offering, alongside my organic herbal chakra teas, complement spiritual practice and healing sessions. 

Stepping into true power opens us up to freedom and living. Taking responsibility for our own wellbeing helps others, animals and the earth. We are one.