a bit about me

I have always held a strong belief in and felt a close connection with a higher power / creator (God) since a child and attempted to walk a path of caring for and helping others. When I approached my confirmation into the Church of England as an early teen, I had a very powerful affirmation that I was right to believe in a divine power despite some of my friends questioning it. Gradually I began to move away from organised religion, but continued to keep a very strong and private faith.

Despite initially wanting to practice paediatrics at age 8 and then later herbal medicine (an obvious soul calling to work with the feminine and healing), I began adulthood by studying classics and the history of art, going on to follow a career in the arts and higher education for just under a decade. Eventually I discovered the power of hypnotherapy, energy channeling and the chakras by home study and doing courses in various modalities including Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression and Reiki. I then went on to launch my first healing business The Quantum Room (2012-13) and my original food business Chakra Cakes® (2012-2015). In 2015 CICO published my first book internationally The Chakra Kitchen: Feed your Body to Nourish your Spirit, where I share some of my favourite everyday recipes. I continue to develop my knowledge and journey deeper into my own truth and feminine power. 

Through my written work and Chakra Sessions my primary aim is to help women on their paths towards reaching their highest potential here, attaining more fulfilling, happier and healthier lives along the way.