Lady Worsley, and where are we as women today?

So I watched the BBC adaptation The Scandalous Lady W the other week on iplayer and it struck a chord with me, as I am sure it did with many women and indeed men who saw it. i felt utterly thankful and relieved to be living in these times in middle England where we have such freedom and choice when it comes to partnership and marriage. i am proud of where humanity has come to in a reasonably short space of time in terms of gender equality, but we have a long way to go. the height of the patriarchal age has done much damage to the masculine/feminine balance in society. it is heart-breaking that in some parts of the world antiquated belief systems and religious structures once created by a male dominated society still hold fast and strong to the detriment of women and children and actually to themselves.

It seems that Lady Worsley grew from strength to strength in her dealings with men. what a lifetime of soul growth she encountered and her story lives on for us today as an example of a true woman. i won’t go into her experiences here, but it made me question just how much residue are we carrying from our past lives as women and from our female ancestors? it is something i think about more and more as my consciousness grows and as we enter further into this age of the divine feminine. so where exactly are we right now as women?

For me personally i have struggled in recent years with early years programming, parts of my school education and the female role models I grew up with. in a society that moves with such technological speed and ever changing external factors, are we actually taking the time to keep up with ourselves? how often do we go within and reflect as individuals and ensure that we heal our old wounds rather than simply adding insult to injury?

This summer has seen a very powerful venus retrograde cycle, it was dubbed by some as the summer of karma… for me this has indicated serious opportunities for re-birth… and we all know just how painful giving birth can be… (well I haven’t encountered it yet, but metaphorically speaking)… anyway, as venus governs love, money and relationships (of all kinds), nearly everyone (especially any fellow leos or leo risings out there) will have “suffered” in some way throughout the last few months in one or another of these areas. thankfully venus turns direct on 6/7 September so we will start to sense that light at the end of the tunnel and transformation will occur, especially with eclipse season soon upon us too. many of us shall feel renewed as a result of having undergone some profound healing and painful though it may have been, the results will far outweigh the process.

Anyway returning to this idea of where we are as women and actually where men are as men…. really its all up for grabs right now as it never has been before, or at least not for a very, very long time.  we have a chance to address equality in the true sense of the word and the only way to do so is by looking deep within at the wounds we have self-inflicted out of disrespect for ourselves. now these can quite often be the result of repeating harmful patterns we have gone through in this life or a previous one and/or be the result of parental conditioning or early years programming as i like to call it. external sources such as the media and so called expectations from society (again spawned from the patriarchal age) can often get the better of us. prime examples include premature loss of virginity or indeed girls signing chastity vows to stay under the control of their fathers until they become the married property of men (not so far off the days of Lady W me thinks), alcohol and drug abuse, working ridiculous hours in jobs that don’t nourish or fulfil us, but just bring the money in etc. 

Now this blog is in danger of turning into a missive and could go in all sorts of directions, but the main point I want address is the value that we as women place upon ourselves, as this i believe is the real key to reaching true equality with our male counterparts, who are actually greatly in need of our guidance and love. we stand strong in our identity when we don’t let pre-conditioning, the patterns of past life prostitution (the kind that involved being in a brothel as a result of poverty or control rather than by choice as a women), previous abuse, religion, or any current external factors govern us. it isn’t an easy process to go through right now, shedding all these old energies and redundant feelings and belief systems, but in the western world we are blessed to at least have more educated societies where some of us women can rise up and help our less fortunate sisters, both on home soil and abroad. it is through global education and a letting go of the old ways that will bring change. this can be started on a small but powerful scale as individuals with our own stories. then step by step through the gradual accumulation of our collective renewed energy through self acceptance processes, alongside many of our male friends who are already eager for true equality, we will enable further gender respect globally and make this world an even more beautiful dwelling for all.

One final thought ... as women today, men are not our enemies despite that common belief, which naturally stems from previous associated past-life or ancestral trauma, where we gave over our power to them at some point. they are now our salvation and we theirs, this is a new era for all, a clean slate. more often than not we are our own worst enemy and it is only by stopping repetitive self harm and sabotage (which are the result of previous conditioning or abuse from a redundant time) that we can find balance, equality and true peace within. we must take sole responsibility for our lives in any given moment and make the changes our hearts long for. go within, not without, be guided by your heart and love yourself above all else, strive for joy. reclaim your power and rise into who you were born to be, the rest will all fall into place, trust me.