The field of opportunity

I just wanted to share something with you. This lunchtime whilst out on a daily dog walk in the fields I was pondering the usual life questions ... when I saw a gateway I have never seen before. It had the yellow public footpath arrow on it and so I thought why not, lets explore the unknown. So off we go over the little footbridge into the field and in the distance I spot a cow but I say to Stan (the dog) that its ok we will find the gate out and into the next field on the path. As we walk along I begin to notice the amazing plethora of ripe, juicy blackberries, unlike any I've yet to see. I whip out a new poop bag (always useful for spontaneous berry picking) and get harvesting. Engrossed in my work, I failed to see that an entire herd of cattle had now somehow emerged and had us enclosed, they kept moving closer and started to chase Stan. I think they thought I had food for them .... anyway I said hello, told them not to worry and kept walking, slightly annoyed at having to stop my picking but respectful that it was their patch! As I walked I saw more and more blackberries, so I was brave and continued picking, ignoring the cows. Eventually we reached the other end of the field and there was no escape, clearly the footpath sign was out of date because the only way out was back the way we had come! So we did a full circular of the field and I collected many delicious fruits, the cows by this point were content to leave us be.

Now you may be wondering why I am recounting this and what its relevance might be... Well on the way back I realised that the scenario was a good metaphor for life and it goes like this: So we often come to a crossroads in life and we can either go the path we know well or try something new (the gate I'd not noticed before), so we choose the new path and encounter unexpected delights (blackberries), but potential dangers or adversities along the way (cows) and no escape (no gate out other than the one we came into). It's tempting to just give up and return to the old "safe" zone, but if you persevere, as I did in the field, the pleasures and abundance of goodness far outweigh the hurdles and in the end all becomes harmonious and easy and a joy. 

So I think I got my answers from my lunchtime walk today, they may not have been bolt of lightening shouting from the universe in my ears, but more subtle and interactive shall we say! I am a visionary and kinesthetic so actually playing on those senses more with me made sense to me. I believe that I must prepare myself for the unknown and step ahead bravely into the new rather than treading the same old ground which I have been doing for sometime. I will overcome any obstacles with my charm, poise and grace and an abundance of joys and opportunities shall be mine for the taking. So why don't you see what answers you get whilst out walking or going about your day, sometimes they can be cryptic, but they are definitely there for you if you ask ... be brave and trust!