Exploring the blood type diet

It has been some while since I sat down to write a post, life has been busy and time sure has sped up and continues to do so!

This year I have decided to embark on chiropractic care in support of my health regime. In order to be fully committed to this I have been required to adhere to the Blood Type diet and lifestyle as set out by Dr Peter D'Adamo. Now much to my horror the words meat and dietary changes were mentioned by my chiropractor unless I turned out to be a blood type A. I knew intuitively that there was no way I would have made the transition during my Saturn Return (age 28-31) to a pescetarian and then vegan if it was not compatible with me, I just had to be an A!! Low and behold and to my joy and relief I am an A- (no one keeps a record of these things so a home test kit was required). Not on my nelly would I have ever touched meat again regardless I'd just like to add a this point. 

It's an interesting concept, but I do think that there must be something in this system and I am going to stick with it for now. It goes against some of the previous methods that I have explored such as Dr Sebi's Alkaline Vegan diet and indeed my own recipes. So far I am not 100% convinced at avoiding hummus and bananas .... but chilli and kidney beans I can probably live without! Coffee and red wine appear to be goers, not so sure that this is a good thing and my tendency is to over compensate for the other food items I am missing, a little too much peanut butter and not enough kale going on me thinks, never mind the former! On the plus side yoga and tai chi are two of the best forms of exercise, whilst running and high impact sports are not so due to Type A's tendency to burn out quicker and loose energy from over exertion.

Hey ho, another chapter in my journey that has come along to bring me a new perspective on health, food and nutrition. I like to remain open to new possibilities and go with what life brings to me so lets just see! Next up will be the turpentine protocol as pioneered by Dr Daniels, watch this space!