Coming off social media whoop whoop!

Today whilst walking in the woods it finally hit me that it was time to delete my Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter accounts. It's something that I've been pondering over these past few weeks and finally clarity struck and it was time to take action. I feel so uplifted by this, they never really resonated with me anyway and I long since deleted my Facebook account. As I'm all about individuality and the importance of holding onto one's own power, I felt it was important to stay absolutely true to following my womanly instincts and not question them.

So if you were a "follower", just picked up a business card or have found me via some other online avenue, then this explains why you can't find me in those arenas anymore. Things change fast these days!

I will be working more on my YouTube channel bringing high content interviews and videos to the world so a new chapter awaits.

Much love during these times of amazing and beautiful transformations! Viva the dragon, viva the witch, viva la diva (the heart centred ones of course)! X