Heart Chakra

Venus, Taurus and the Heart Chakra

We are now well entered into the month of the Heart chakra with the sun entering the sign of Taurus in the zodiac. I have chosen to hold off on writing this month's blog as the Heart centre is in my opinion the chakra that is often bi-passed or can take the most effort to work with. For me, this has taken time to feel right to write.

Love on earth as we know is a cocktail of bliss at one end and tremendous pain at the other. Compare the first throws of a relationship with the tragic and sudden death of a loved one. Two extremes. Grief is processed at the Heart centre and can be held there for prolonged periods if not allowed to be set free with the changing of the seasons. Flow is natural and therefore important for all the chakras and we all process our emotions in different ways according to our individual makeup. The Heart chakra is the filter essentially for the lower chakra earthly experiences and the gateway to the upper chakras of higher consciousness.

Heart Chakra

What I find fascinating about the Heart chakra is the rulership of Venus and its respective signs Taurus (the current monthly focus) and Libra. In the system of medical astrology Venus rules the throat area via the sign Taurus and the reproductive organs amongst other Sacral chakra body parts via Libra. The Heart chakra is very much linked the the Throat and Sacral chakras - the former is the adjacent chakra that we move our emotions up and through via expression and also listening / connecting with others. The Sacral on the other hand is another seat of emotion along with sensuality, creativity, pleasure (joy) and hormones control our experience with our reproductive system, be it our monthly cycle, pregnancy or transitioning into the menopause. The Heart chakra is essential for loving procreation (Sacral) and outward connection with the world (Throat) - it is in essence the central seat of consciousness on Earth sitting in the middle of the 7 chakras and being "Heart centred" is a phrase commonly used these days.


Venus represents love, arts, all things luxurious and of earthly material value, beauty and the feminine. There is a grace about the current Venusian planetary energy, as she is an evening rising star rather than morning. This means that Venus is now in the guise of Aphrodite (sensual, romantic, gentle) rather than the morning version of Pallas Athena (power woman, defender, fighter) or in the underworld (when she is invisible). I watched her appearance at the last New Moon on April 16th and she was so bright and distinctive it took my breath away. I prayed to her and the moon for support during this period. As a result so far, I have come to great and deep personal realisations and in doing so my Heart chakra has been opened to myself in a way it simply wasn't before. Another layer has been peeled. Self-acceptance, value and love is of course the key to a fulfilling and joyful life on earth and is therefore ironically the hardest task we all face. How we get there varies, but I would urge you to ask the question at this time to Venus and the answer may well be given. It is certainly a time for gentle tlc and forgiveness and her support is very much there.  


In combination with the current Venusian energy, the sun is in Taurus the sign of the bull, so whatever healing and/or endeavours we set our hearts upon at this time can succeed with passion and determination. As a fixed Earth sign not only does Taurus hold any of the above with strength and solidity, it also encourages us to slow down the pace and steady things after sudden bursting forth of nature at the Martian energy of Aries. Now we can grounds ourselves again before moving forwards (newly retrograde Saturn is also supporting this). This slowing down to me feels natural when working with the Heart as it takes time to enter into its depths and process emotions. In all likelihood during the Air sign of Gemini we will receive more ideas to run with, so think of this as the preparation ground. I like to think of it as clearing the debris, the overgrown weeds perhaps as green resonates with this chakra.

If you imagine the Heart as a garden with layers of flora and fauna that needs a Spring clean this may help you to tap into what or who needs forgiving and releasing for you at this time in order to allow new life to grow without hindrance this season. Already the nettles are in full force like the cleavers and dandelions and so on from the growth spurt during the Aries period. I was asking myself yesterday why don't all our gardens make use of these amazing weeds, but then I thought, it's actually rather lovely to have a green lawn and well kept borders and to keep the wild for the wild then we can enjoy both. Maybe just a patch dedicated to wildness! This is me though, how I perceive, some of you may prefer weeds to take over. I think its somehow symbolic though of our inner gardens and how we tend to them. If nettles were to completely take over the garden then the Martian energy would override the Venusian somewhat and we might become a bit to defensive / prickly and closed hearted for instance.

I'll leave it there for this month. The Heart is a sacred and very personal space, enjoy exploring its unspoken depths in preparation for the Throat chakra with the help of the gentle energy of Venus this May. You may also like to make use of crystals such as the soothing Rose Quartz to help you during this time and Rose essential oils. My "Love" Chakra Aroma Roller has been especially created to work with the Heart chakra and is made in small batches under the planetary hour of Venus.