We are born to love each other

We are not born to judge each other; we are born to know each other. We are not born to judge each other; we are born to love each other. We have not come here to kill each other, we have come here to serve each other.
— Yogi Bhajan

Last weekend was the marriage of my best friend and soul sister. I'm shedding a tear even now as I write this. All week I've been thinking I must blog about how profound the experience was for me. It's like the event itself and the lead up awakened me to the sheer preciousness of my longstanding girlfriends and how over so many years I have taken this for granted. A few were there from my school days and one very lovely ex flatmate who said the kindest words to me about how I had touched her life, quite unexpected.

If you stop and think for a minute how many years you have known some of your friends, I think most of you, like me will have at least one or two that go back to childhood. Isn't that amazing. I'm nearly 35 and these girls have stood by me since age 8-10, phenomenal. So this piece of writing is dedicated to all the oldest and dearest friends out there. The ones that stay solid no matter what you do or where you move to. 

I'm becoming more and more conscious of the importance of each day that I live on earth and how amazing it is to be here at this time. I am blessed to live in a country where freedom exists like it hasn't done before. I can choose to do and be whoever I want under divine guidance and know that this is alright. What a blessing. My friends have witnessed my life from the days of red socks and pony tails, to renting my first home and changing careers and I have witnessed theirs. No judging, not from any of them, just tenderness and love no matter what.

As my darling Laura attempted to dance to the final wedding song in her elaborate gown she turned to me and mouthed the words "We've come so far, and we've reached so high, and we've looked each day and night in the eye and we're still so young and we hope for more", and she brought to a close the most remarkable day. Yes we were late for the church, it poured with rain as soon as we left the ceremony and the photographer was certainly an interesting character, but isn't that what makes the most perfect of days? We are perfect in our imperfections, we are a chaotic mass of energy whizzing and whirring and clashing and blending with each other; but sometimes, just sometimes, it's like the universe holds a sacred space of bliss for us and it certainly did that precious day. 

Spring Detox Tea

Hi all,

This past week I have been enjoying my Detox Tea blend from the Spring chapter of my book The Chakra Kitchen. It's a great one to cleanse the liver and blood, it also has acts as a diuretic and has calming and anti-rheumatic properties. 

Blend makes 1 3/4 oz / 15g

1/2 oz / 14g organic dried red clover

1/2 oz / 14g organic dried nettle leaves

2 tbsp organic dried burdock root

2 tbsp organic dried dandelion root

Combine the herbs and store in an air tight container until best before date (usually at least a year from purchase of the herbs). To serve use a heaped teaspoon per cup and brew in a filtered teapot for 4-5 minutes (or use a strainer after brewing to serve).


Sarah x



Cleanse and re-birth

Yes it's Spring (almost!) so what better time to clean out the house of anything unwanted and spruce it up a bit. It's also a great time to clean yourself out and shape yourself up ready for a new seasonal cycle ....

Jesus spent his 40 days and 40 nights in the desert facing the devil so why not pay homage to this in the modern day? Perhaps take time during the rest of lent to let go of what no longer serves you mentally, physically and spiritually. You will face tests and temptations as he did on all these levels, but just think what it would be like to rebirth yourself at the end...

Here is a quick set of ideas for you to consider working with:

1) Turn at least one thought a day from a negative to a positive to re-programme your mind.

2) Take one extra walk in nature per week to connect with the earth and notice the new life all around you taking shape.

3) Smile at someone, slow down, stop your car and let someone cross (if its safe to do so) even if it isn't an official crossing. I did this today and was touched and moved by the radiant smile of appreciation beamed back at me.

4) Throw out some old stuff. As an example I got rid of a whole load of letters written to me last week that were taking up a box. I figured if the people are still in my life then new words will be spoken or written in the here and now and that is all that matters. Important memories still remain.

5) Try an adrenal / kidney cleanse followed by the liver with herbs - Solidago, dandelion root, milk thistle worth taking a look at. You might also want to consider an anti-parasitic cleanse and/or anti-candida at this time of the year.

6) Eat a little bit less, a bit fresher and appreciate what you have by giving thanks and blessing the food before you taste it.

7) Nurture your soul a little bit more, get to know your natural laws, what are your essential needs (not cravings). Perhaps you find yourself going out to a crowded pub when actually you just want to be at home with a good movie or hot bath? Or maybe you really can't be in front of the computer for more than 1 hour before you feel like throwing it out of the window... these are all signs of who you really are, start listening and honouring yourself.

8) Pray and give thanks before sleep for at least 3 things that have been gifted to you during the day.

You can always try a Chakra Session if you need more support.

Sarah x



Acknowledging and utilising your talents for a global shift

We all have a soul purpose as we like to call it and to achieve this we are provided with a God given talent, a skill/s that we excel in. for many that can be in the form of the creative arts such as fine art, performance, music or dance; for other mathematics, geometry, logic, physics, for others listening, clarity of intuition etc etc. your skills are the one or possibly two/three things that absolutely keep your heart going, these are not merely your survival kit (although we often mistake them to be so), but your life tools that support your true calling. 

Often we go to these tools for healing our wounds, fuelling our fire, recharging our batteries for the next steps in life, but how often do we use them to help and support others on a local and more global scale? at a time when epidemics of diseases such as cancer are rife, mental health has reached "crisis" point with not enough units to deal with it effectively, and we have an ever increasing population, isn't time that we put these tools to better use than simply limiting them to for ourselves?

So many people in so called "first world" countries end up on the treadmill of life, going to school, then university, then postgrad, then have a "career" and the next thing they know they are caught in a perpetuating cycle of humdrum, bringing in a good wage, getting a mortgage etc etc because that just "what you do"... Now this doesn't by any means apply to all, I am simply pointing out that it is the case for a good proportion of people.

This week I met with three old school friends who are all mums of one or two children now. motherhood is a beautiful thing, life changing. in fact all three of them said having to stop their professions for at least nine months in the law and medicine has made them pause and consider what the hell are they actually doing with their lives and what is actually next. they are suddenly off the wheel and having to look at themselves, it can be terrifying but ultimately rewarding. maternity leave forces you to reconsider what is important in this life and it is often through that unconditional love, that unique gift of a child, that clarity strikes at last. some of us find it in other ways, perhaps in the eyes of our pets or by a loved one departing all too suddenly or we are given a second chance at life ourselves through an NDE. The stories of "waking up" are endless. 

Rather than waiting for one of the above to happen why don't you ask yourself now what is/are your talent/s and how are you utilising it/them? is it just for yourself at weekends to stick a plaster on your fractured life or are you using it every minute of every day that you are here for the good of yourself and more importantly others? i believe that if we all did the latter the world would soon be a very different place, more of us would actually be stepping into our soul purpose, breathing a huge sigh of relief at finally getting there and heaven really would be all around us. 

Go on you know you want to .... and if you are already there, good for you and keep up the excellent work comrade!


Having children with conscience

Lately I've come to see that in order to really make dramatic changes to the way humanity exists on the planet we need to act fast. One of the ways in which many souls can be ignorant to what is really going on here is by generating children in a very unconscious way. By doing so they are perpetuating the karmic cycle on earth and buying into the illusion that life here needs to be troubled, difficult and full of "life lessons" in order to grow.... yada yada. 

It's quite simple really in that if the souls who incarnate on this planet keep increasing the population without actually considering what they are doing then they are inadvertently preventing the species from thriving and evolving at any worthwhile rate. The pace we are going at is very slow in comparison with other planetary existences. In the battle between light and dark in choosing to be humans on earth we are entering into one heck of a tough game.  

Lots of us have been here hundreds of times before and for people such as myself many of those lifetimes will have been spent trying to raise the frequency of the beings on the planet. Unfortunately, we get brainwashed and duped on the way back in and out and often while we are here, but that is another story, suffice to say that is what keeps us on the well known hamster wheel of karma. Well I'm off it now once and for all and don't intend to come back to earth again, but whilst I am here this time it is my mission to get as many people to remember who they truly are and step into that power, which is divine and awesome. 

If humans keep reproducing without taking full responsibility for doing so then the pace of evolution here will be very slow and the "suffering" and "war" and "grief" etc will perpetuate. If however people who choose to have children do so with the conviction that those souls who enter will be directly from and remain in the true light in order to remind others on the planet of their reality, then that could be a very good thing indeed and help to expel the karmic cycle and move more in harmony with the evolution of the planet itself, which as we know is now shifting massively in frequency.

It's a big ask but an essential one in my view in this age old battle between light and dark. 




Kabocha squash and apple cake

Here I am sharing with you a seasonal vegan and gluten-free cake recipe that I put together yesterday using locally harvested organic Japanese Kabocha squash and apples. Kobocha is a small sweet and nutty tasting squash, easy to prepare and full of betacarotene, iron and other vitamins like its counterpart pumpkins and a good support for primarily the sacral and solar plexus chakras but also the root, heart and brow chakras. Apples are abundant at this time of the year and lightly cooked and mashed provide a good egg substitute in vegan baking. Nutrient rich and full of soluble fibre they give good support to the root and solar plexus chakras. The addition of spices in the recipes brings warmth and taste to the cake, supporting predominantly the brow chakra. The palymyra jaggery is a good source of vitamin B12. Please use organic ingredients for quality and to support the crown chakra.


You will need a lightly oiled round bundt / ring cake tin approx 23 cm / 9 inch diameter


  • 120ml Hemp Oil
  • 75g Palmyra Jaggery (Suga Vida)
  • 200g Brown Rice Flour
  • 60g Polenta
  • 5 tsp Gluten Free Baking Powder
  • 2 tsp Ground Cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp Freshly Ground Nutmeg
  • 1/2 tsp Paprika
  • 35g Currants
  • 175g Cooked Mashed Apple (I used a sweet eating apple)
  • 200g Grated Kobocha Squash
  • 140 ml Plant Based Milk (I used hemp)

Pre-heat the oven to 160 C Fan / 180 C / Gas mark 4

Combine the oil and palmyra jaggery in a large mixing bowl. Add all the dry ingredients (including the currants) followed by the apple and mix well as you integrate the plant based milk and finally the squash. Carefully spoon evenly into the tin and place in the centre of the oven. Bake for 30-35 minutes, testing with a skewer that it is ready. Remove from the oven and leave to cool in the tin for 15 minutes before placing on a rack until cool. You can dust with cinnamon to decorate before serving.

A Winter Tonic

The best immune boosting pick me up!


You will need a small one person teapot (or double the ingredients if larger) with an infuser or good old fashioned strainer 


1/2 lemon peeled and sliced  - Root, Solar Plexus Throat support / vitamin C, immune boosting, alkalising

1 tsp freshly grated ginger root  - Root, Solar Plexus, Brow support / antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, immune boosting

1 tsp ground turmeric (or shave the fresh root if you can get hold of it) - Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Brow support / anti-inflammatory, liver and digestion tonic.

A pinch of chilli flakes - Root, Heart, Brow support - warming, natural pain reliever and boots endorphins for that feel better factor!

and an optional dash of agave syrup to sweeten (if you aren't vegan then use manuka / raw honey). 

Place all the ingredients in the pot and steep in freshly boiled water for 5 minutes, stir and then drink away. I love it in all its neon yellow brilliance!

Until next time, be well!

Lady Worsley, and where are we as women today?

So I watched the BBC adaptation The Scandalous Lady W the other week on iplayer and it struck a chord with me, as I am sure it did with many women and indeed men who saw it. i felt utterly thankful and relieved to be living in these times in middle England where we have such freedom and choice when it comes to partnership and marriage. i am proud of where humanity has come to in a reasonably short space of time in terms of gender equality, but we have a long way to go. the height of the patriarchal age has done much damage to the masculine/feminine balance in society. it is heart-breaking that in some parts of the world antiquated belief systems and religious structures once created by a male dominated society still hold fast and strong to the detriment of women and children and actually to themselves.

It seems that Lady Worsley grew from strength to strength in her dealings with men. what a lifetime of soul growth she encountered and her story lives on for us today as an example of a true woman. i won’t go into her experiences here, but it made me question just how much residue are we carrying from our past lives as women and from our female ancestors? it is something i think about more and more as my consciousness grows and as we enter further into this age of the divine feminine. so where exactly are we right now as women?

For me personally i have struggled in recent years with early years programming, parts of my school education and the female role models I grew up with. in a society that moves with such technological speed and ever changing external factors, are we actually taking the time to keep up with ourselves? how often do we go within and reflect as individuals and ensure that we heal our old wounds rather than simply adding insult to injury?

This summer has seen a very powerful venus retrograde cycle, it was dubbed by some as the summer of karma… for me this has indicated serious opportunities for re-birth… and we all know just how painful giving birth can be… (well I haven’t encountered it yet, but metaphorically speaking)… anyway, as venus governs love, money and relationships (of all kinds), nearly everyone (especially any fellow leos or leo risings out there) will have “suffered” in some way throughout the last few months in one or another of these areas. thankfully venus turns direct on 6/7 September so we will start to sense that light at the end of the tunnel and transformation will occur, especially with eclipse season soon upon us too. many of us shall feel renewed as a result of having undergone some profound healing and painful though it may have been, the results will far outweigh the process.

Anyway returning to this idea of where we are as women and actually where men are as men…. really its all up for grabs right now as it never has been before, or at least not for a very, very long time.  we have a chance to address equality in the true sense of the word and the only way to do so is by looking deep within at the wounds we have self-inflicted out of disrespect for ourselves. now these can quite often be the result of repeating harmful patterns we have gone through in this life or a previous one and/or be the result of parental conditioning or early years programming as i like to call it. external sources such as the media and so called expectations from society (again spawned from the patriarchal age) can often get the better of us. prime examples include premature loss of virginity or indeed girls signing chastity vows to stay under the control of their fathers until they become the married property of men (not so far off the days of Lady W me thinks), alcohol and drug abuse, working ridiculous hours in jobs that don’t nourish or fulfil us, but just bring the money in etc. 

Now this blog is in danger of turning into a missive and could go in all sorts of directions, but the main point I want address is the value that we as women place upon ourselves, as this i believe is the real key to reaching true equality with our male counterparts, who are actually greatly in need of our guidance and love. we stand strong in our identity when we don’t let pre-conditioning, the patterns of past life prostitution (the kind that involved being in a brothel as a result of poverty or control rather than by choice as a women), previous abuse, religion, or any current external factors govern us. it isn’t an easy process to go through right now, shedding all these old energies and redundant feelings and belief systems, but in the western world we are blessed to at least have more educated societies where some of us women can rise up and help our less fortunate sisters, both on home soil and abroad. it is through global education and a letting go of the old ways that will bring change. this can be started on a small but powerful scale as individuals with our own stories. then step by step through the gradual accumulation of our collective renewed energy through self acceptance processes, alongside many of our male friends who are already eager for true equality, we will enable further gender respect globally and make this world an even more beautiful dwelling for all.

One final thought ... as women today, men are not our enemies despite that common belief, which naturally stems from previous associated past-life or ancestral trauma, where we gave over our power to them at some point. they are now our salvation and we theirs, this is a new era for all, a clean slate. more often than not we are our own worst enemy and it is only by stopping repetitive self harm and sabotage (which are the result of previous conditioning or abuse from a redundant time) that we can find balance, equality and true peace within. we must take sole responsibility for our lives in any given moment and make the changes our hearts long for. go within, not without, be guided by your heart and love yourself above all else, strive for joy. reclaim your power and rise into who you were born to be, the rest will all fall into place, trust me.

Champneys Tring review

Recently i went to stay at Champneys Health Spa in Tring with a good friend and this is my review of the experience.

We arrive in the pouring rain (you'd have thought it was November! not mid August!) check in and are shown to our room by a pleasant enough young man. the room is clean and satisfactory, but they have given us the wrong size flip flops (you provide your size before you arrive). i call reception and nobody answers so i try housekeeping and they say they will be along shortly with the size required. 20 minutes later and still no sign so my friend rings reception again and this time gets an answer and 5 minutes later the flip flops arrive... at last we can commence with the pampering!

I take a swim in the large pool, very nice... then we take tea, i was happy to see a good collection of loose leaf teas, but less than pleased to find no freshly baked gluten-free or vegan cakes on offer. on booking dietary requirements were taken and i am vegan and will have gluten free where possible and my friend opts for dairy free.

The food disappointment continues at the dinner table where i am expecting a vegan menu to be presented to me, but no - my dietary requirements have not been taken into account and the a la carte menu offers nothing other than a tomato salad. the waiter suggests penne pasta with tomato sauce, which doesn't exactly float my boat when i have paid good money to enjoy a night away somewhere that calls itself a luxury health spa.... hmmmm!  eventually we agree on a salad followed by a stir fry with rice and sorbet for pudding, as even the tempting chocolate avocado mousse contains dairy when everyone knows it is usually made as a vegan pudding, the whole point is to use the avocado as a dairy substitute!

The following morning the food at breakfast is a good spread (buffet style) but when helping ourselves to hazelnut butter (i love a bit of nut butter) it smells and distinctly tastes like peanut butter... when i approach a staff member about this i am assured that peanuts are not allowed on the premises and that i am mistaken. i suggest that she try it to be sure... her face changes and she whips it off to the kitchen. she returns mortified and very apologetic, as yes indeed it was peanut butter incorrectly labelled and she assures me that the staff will be held accountable for this mistake.... i'm just glad i don't have an allergy and hopefully have prevented others from taking the butter by mistake....lunch is alright, again buffet style and not too much vegan stuff on offer and all the interesting puddings contain dairy. overall no sign of organic food either at all.... my friend even spots yet another peanut containing dish... very contradictory from what we had been told at breakfast!

In terms of the treatments received and facilities on offer, these turn out to be very good, although when i arrive for my pedicure i am surprised to find a nurse giving a patient a private consultation in the room! apparently the medical suite is being revamped so they have to double up on facilities... all very well and good, but not conducive for a relaxing treat, nor private for either party concerned! i vocalise my concerns and the nurse apologises and departs shortly after i am pleased to say.

So overall i'd give it 7/10... clearly the re-vamp is a great improvement (according to my friend who has visited before) and the staff are pleasant and accommodating. however, on the food score as a so called luxury health spa there is vast room for improvement... why ask for dietary requirements and then not fulfill them? Champneys is trying but isn't quite there yet... i am glad we were there on a discounted offer as full price would have been a rip off. 

Definitely maybe angels ....

Have you ever felt vulnerable to the point of complete and utter surrender.... ? surrender to all and everything.... it doesn't matter what anyone says to you in that moment or even that day .... it passes through you. it is in reaching this state that we have the ability to achieve our ultimate human potential. this is where real strength begins to flex its muscles.... the kind that leads you to ultimate supernova heights of existence. 

Today was one of those days for me where I woke up exhausted....exhausted from life, it was like the past three years just hit me and how utterly miserable i have been for most of them. no doubt thanks to the tricky saturn transit in scorpio, leading to a series of unforetold events, and mishaps including a failed business, personal tragedy ... loss of home ... loss of money ... loss of support system ... loss of soul mates ... loss of an era. a collapse of the old and familiar.... ring any bells? i'd be surprised if it didn't ...

I have really felt my age lately and the 20th anniversary of oasis's roll with It being released made things hit home even more this week.... i'm 34 in this life, but in soul terms I am seriously ancient and that is what i feel this time around .... sometimes its like "enough already" with incarnating here. its like i have the weight of humankind's density on my shoulders without meaning to sound melodramatic.... to be honest many healers out there will resonate with this i'm sure, par for the course, always the giver and rarely the receiver, we really need to get that in check and look after ourselves more.... glad i reminded myself of that. 

Now you may be wondering why i am writing this somewhat rambling and self-indulgent candid blog on my shiny new website... well it is precisely because i value authenticity and rawness in a human so i want to practice what i preach. this is no time for putting a brave face on, pretending all is tickety boo when a lot of us just feel like screaming, throwing our toys out of the pram and breaking free from the debris of the patriarchal age that has haunted us for so damn long. I'm beginning to realise that part of that age was indeed this sense of "loss", poverty and lack, breeding yet more dissatisfaction with our world. This we need to knock on the head right now if we are to survive here and break the cycle.

The trigger for my surrender was an exchange of words last night over text between myself and my soon to be ex-business partner. this has been a karmic extravaganza of an experience since last july and it is on the verge of being dead and buried .... i think that final push can be the hardest.... if it weren't for this interaction i wouldn't have hit full and utter surrender. i hate conflict, paranoia and mistrust... they are without doubt the cruelest shadow side emotions that serve to reveal our duality in all its glory. they have a purpose, sure, but wouldn't it be amazing to finally live in a world where the shadow was no more? haven't we been through enough in our umpteen lifetimes... surely the human race is ready to evolve to the next stage now? the long awaited shift is happening, sure, but i'd like to skip a step or two and fast forward to the promised land...wouldn't you? in a grounded way obviously, no good being away with the fairies, i've been there and done that and it don't work.... no i mean a place of vitality, love, truth, community, equality and wellbeing with fair exchanges of energy.

During this day of absolute surrender where i began to question my very foundations and what the hell is actually going on this time around, i received a timely email from a former colleague from a bygone era that reduced me to tears.... tears of utter gratitude at the kindness of their words and thoughts towards me. i was touched... there had without doubt been divine intervention to get this message to me. my old angelic comrades and guides coming to the rescue, where there is loss there is gain ... duality strikes again. it seems that i am indeed valued and respected after all and i felt it deep within my being when i read those words. 

So it is with this reaching out from a member of my extended soul group that i have begun to gather the strength of being that i was born to live. a few oasis songs later .... (they take me to a place of safety and comfort, without noel gallagher's songs i wonder if i would have actually survived my teenage years...) here i am ready to go again on the brink of a personal revolution. live forever .... sure thing try and stop me ... feeling supersonic? you got it... seriously though how cheesy are some of their videos looking back at them on youtube?! still luv ya noel (and liam ...) thanx for ur music.

Loss is so last year.... thank goodness ... I now choose gain, abundance, love and prosperity ... bring it on....why don't you join me in my quest... after all it is all part of the masterplan.

I'll stop now ;) ... you'd think i was on commission, shame the band is no more....

I guess what i am saying is don't be afraid to reach into the depths of your soul and explore your vulnerability, it may just take you to places you never dreamed of, i know mine will. and if you are struggling with loss of some kind then know that it is simply a clearing out of the old energies and patterns that no longer serve you, making way for soul growth and all things new that are ultimately for your greater good and those around you.

Next up: My review of Champney's Health Spa Tring ... watch this space ....