Acknowledging and utilising your talents for a global shift

We all have a soul purpose as we like to call it and to achieve this we are provided with a God given talent, a skill/s that we excel in. for many that can be in the form of the creative arts such as fine art, performance, music or dance; for other mathematics, geometry, logic, physics, for others listening, clarity of intuition etc etc. your skills are the one or possibly two/three things that absolutely keep your heart going, these are not merely your survival kit (although we often mistake them to be so), but your life tools that support your true calling. 

Often we go to these tools for healing our wounds, fuelling our fire, recharging our batteries for the next steps in life, but how often do we use them to help and support others on a local and more global scale? at a time when epidemics of diseases such as cancer are rife, mental health has reached "crisis" point with not enough units to deal with it effectively, and we have an ever increasing population, isn't time that we put these tools to better use than simply limiting them to for ourselves?

So many people in so called "first world" countries end up on the treadmill of life, going to school, then university, then postgrad, then have a "career" and the next thing they know they are caught in a perpetuating cycle of humdrum, bringing in a good wage, getting a mortgage etc etc because that just "what you do"... Now this doesn't by any means apply to all, I am simply pointing out that it is the case for a good proportion of people.

This week I met with three old school friends who are all mums of one or two children now. motherhood is a beautiful thing, life changing. in fact all three of them said having to stop their professions for at least nine months in the law and medicine has made them pause and consider what the hell are they actually doing with their lives and what is actually next. they are suddenly off the wheel and having to look at themselves, it can be terrifying but ultimately rewarding. maternity leave forces you to reconsider what is important in this life and it is often through that unconditional love, that unique gift of a child, that clarity strikes at last. some of us find it in other ways, perhaps in the eyes of our pets or by a loved one departing all too suddenly or we are given a second chance at life ourselves through an NDE. The stories of "waking up" are endless. 

Rather than waiting for one of the above to happen why don't you ask yourself now what is/are your talent/s and how are you utilising it/them? is it just for yourself at weekends to stick a plaster on your fractured life or are you using it every minute of every day that you are here for the good of yourself and more importantly others? i believe that if we all did the latter the world would soon be a very different place, more of us would actually be stepping into our soul purpose, breathing a huge sigh of relief at finally getting there and heaven really would be all around us. 

Go on you know you want to .... and if you are already there, good for you and keep up the excellent work comrade!