Chocoholic? I was until I did this ...

I wanted to share something personally amazing with you today. As I was walking my spaniel earlier on a few shopping errands it struck me that over the past month or so I have been going through some deep changes. Many of you will relate to this - we seem to go through periods of "easy and relatively non eventful times" and then suddenly, wham, things just don't seem so great anymore. On the spiritual path this happens relatively often I have discovered - way more than it ever did before I opened up to other dimensions, healing and the cosmos. It's a healthy, normal and essential part of life and usually signals significant change is ahead, I see it as a warning sign to prepare myself. Other signs start coming in like work and opportunities being cancelled, the universe is saying to me, you need to make changes, you need to start again (again). 

So one of the subtle signs that I am going through another stage of growth and change has come about through my diet. Yet again (for about the 4th time since 2011) I have been guided to modify my food and drink intake. Now this can be a tad annoying when you've published a recipe book suggesting certain things and advocating this that and the other! Well my feelings around food are evolving (as I am) and I have been now been drawn towards a vegan alkaline diet, which is sugar and wheat free, but does contain grains such as spelt and rye, so small amounts of gluten are a factor.

In following this diet, which is based around the research of the recently deceased Dr Sebi, the one personal thing that I wanted to share with you, which I have found to be truly amazing, is that I have gone from being a pre-vegan and then vegan chocoholic to not even wanting to touch the stuff. Seriously - I'm amazed!!!! I treated myself last week to an delicious raw cacao cake at the lovely Plants and Pilates in Woodstock, which I enjoyed, but I wasn't craving it before nor since. All very strange....

Now this to me is truly revelationary - I honestly can't quite get over it. I literally just don't want the stuff. I have gone from consuming on average 30-50g per day to zero. So I am intrigued that in less than 30 days I have done this. My only explanation can be that the foods and herbal teas I have been taking have given me all of the taste and nutrients I need, that I may otherwise have been seeking from chocolate (btw I have also stopped all vitamin and mineral supplements, apart from one or two omega 3 algae capsules per week). I also seem to have lost the taste for coffee and substitutes such as gluten free barley or chicory alternatives, so my "bitter" fix must be coming from the herbs I suspect.

So although the diet itself is very restricted, (obviously vegan, but it also eliminates all "man -made" starch based and acidic products including quite a lot of vegetables and soya) I am really pleased with these results. I am allowing a small amount of the "no go" items as life cannot always be so controlled and I am happy to do things in balance, especially given that my health is already very good and I do love my Chakra Kitchen recipes with all their colour and variety! I can see how for people with chronic illnesses and weight conditions that a vegan, alkaline diet supplemented with the correct herbs would potentially show even greater results than I have achieved. It is absolutely an area that should be further researched and supported for both the prevention and cure of medical conditions. 

If you are interested in exploring this topic some more then I would highly recommend reading "The God Awakening Diet: Reversing Disease and Saving the Planet with a Plant Based Diet" by American nutritionist Aqiyl Aniys. This book goes into some detail on the facts and evidence for the health benefits of such a diet and speaks from someone who was converting to veganism. Aqiyl also has a new book out going into more detail on Alkaline Herbs which I have yet to read, but I look forward to once I can get hold of it in the UK, if you are US based then it can be easily purchased. 

So their may well be some new Chakra Kitchen recipes more alkaline style (also my previous post is an example of an alkaline recipe from the book). I am certainly enjoying baking spelt and rye bread and having this with good old avocados, which thank goodness remain a go to food!