Cleanse and re-birth

Yes it's Spring (almost!) so what better time to clean out the house of anything unwanted and spruce it up a bit. It's also a great time to clean yourself out and shape yourself up ready for a new seasonal cycle ....

Jesus spent his 40 days and 40 nights in the desert facing the devil so why not pay homage to this in the modern day? Perhaps take time during the rest of lent to let go of what no longer serves you mentally, physically and spiritually. You will face tests and temptations as he did on all these levels, but just think what it would be like to rebirth yourself at the end...

Here is a quick set of ideas for you to consider working with:

1) Turn at least one thought a day from a negative to a positive to re-programme your mind.

2) Take one extra walk in nature per week to connect with the earth and notice the new life all around you taking shape.

3) Smile at someone, slow down, stop your car and let someone cross (if its safe to do so) even if it isn't an official crossing. I did this today and was touched and moved by the radiant smile of appreciation beamed back at me.

4) Throw out some old stuff. As an example I got rid of a whole load of letters written to me last week that were taking up a box. I figured if the people are still in my life then new words will be spoken or written in the here and now and that is all that matters. Important memories still remain.

5) Try an adrenal / kidney cleanse followed by the liver with herbs - Solidago, dandelion root, milk thistle worth taking a look at. You might also want to consider an anti-parasitic cleanse and/or anti-candida at this time of the year.

6) Eat a little bit less, a bit fresher and appreciate what you have by giving thanks and blessing the food before you taste it.

7) Nurture your soul a little bit more, get to know your natural laws, what are your essential needs (not cravings). Perhaps you find yourself going out to a crowded pub when actually you just want to be at home with a good movie or hot bath? Or maybe you really can't be in front of the computer for more than 1 hour before you feel like throwing it out of the window... these are all signs of who you really are, start listening and honouring yourself.

8) Pray and give thanks before sleep for at least 3 things that have been gifted to you during the day.

You can always try a Chakra Session if you need more support.

Sarah x