Crystals for Sacral Chakra Support

Here are a few suggestions of crystals to work with for Sacral chakra support. These are usually best placed on the lower abdomen or lower spinal area during healing or meditation. You should ideally take the time to tune into the stones yourself before purchasing as each will vibrate differently even if they are the same kind! Once purchased cleansing by using incense smoke, running water (if non porous) or burying in brown rice then charging under the full moon, over your heart chakra by sending in light from this area, or in direct sunlight; followed by verbal dedication to the course are recommended before use.

Crystals for this area are generally orange in colour, sometimes with white or grey bands. This I feel echoes the planet Jupiter who governs this chakra. The stones listed below are not under his rulership but they work well to balance this area which should ideally be warm and moist in constitution as Jupiter rules the elements water and fire (see my previous blog on Pisces Season and the Sacral Chakra). This way menstrual health in particular can be maintained and supported as these are optimal conditions for the womb.


Orange Calcite -  This stone balances emotions along with the masculine and feminine energies. It grounds excessive enthusiasm and inspires joy and happiness whilst supporting the kidneys and lower digestive function. A useful stone for IBS sufferers. It lies under the planetary rulership of the Sun and relates to the Fire element so does well to warm the area, useful if you are prone to low Fire and or excessive Water or Earth in particular.

Carnelian - A friendly and healing stone and my all time favourite for the Sacral chakra. Carnelian is ruled by the Sun, brings the element of Fire and is a good balancing stone and energiser. It can boost creativity, sexuality and self-esteem along with reinforcing connection to the inner self. Again like calcite it can bring equilibrium between the masculine and feminine aspects of your being. It supports the gallbladder, kidneys and pancreas and can aid with tissue regeneration. I work with carnelian in my healing sessions and when blending my Chakra Teas and also include it in both Chakra Body Scrubs and in the Creativity Chakra Aroma Roller

Crocoite - Ruled by Mars, this stone brings the Fire element (stronger than the Sun ruled stones) and stimulates sexual energy and passion. It provides stamina in life-changing situations and promotes new creative ideas. Crocoite can bring about self confidence, particularly in relationships and is known to support people through divorce. 

Halite - This stone relates to the Water element and is governed by the Moon. It is useful for cases of water retention in the body and can reduce swelling. Halite being mutable energetically like the moon, has a balancing effect on the emotions, helping to even out mood swings and hormone levels. Its general settling effect can also be useful for easing digestive discomforts. If you have an excess of Water (Phlegmatic or Kapha) then this stone can help to balance your constitution.

Copper - A metal traditionally associated with Venus and the Earth element, copper can also be used to support sacral health as in medical astrology Venus rules the ovaries and Libra (the sign it governs) rules the fallopian tubes, lumbar spinal region, kidneys and hormonal balancing. Copper revitalises as it conducts energy very effectively (think electrical wiring) so great for boosting chi and also eliminating toxins. It is warmer in nature than other metals and will amplify the effects of any stone it is placed with, especially those ruled by Venus such as diamonds and clear quartz.