Having children with conscience

Lately I've come to see that in order to really make dramatic changes to the way humanity exists on the planet we need to act fast. One of the ways in which many souls can be ignorant to what is really going on here is by generating children in a very unconscious way. By doing so they are perpetuating the karmic cycle on earth and buying into the illusion that life here needs to be troubled, difficult and full of "life lessons" in order to grow.... yada yada. 

It's quite simple really in that if the souls who incarnate on this planet keep increasing the population without actually considering what they are doing then they are inadvertently preventing the species from thriving and evolving at any worthwhile rate. The pace we are going at is very slow in comparison with other planetary existences. In the battle between light and dark in choosing to be humans on earth we are entering into one heck of a tough game.  

Lots of us have been here hundreds of times before and for people such as myself many of those lifetimes will have been spent trying to raise the frequency of the beings on the planet. Unfortunately, we get brainwashed and duped on the way back in and out and often while we are here, but that is another story, suffice to say that is what keeps us on the well known hamster wheel of karma. Well I'm off it now once and for all and don't intend to come back to earth again, but whilst I am here this time it is my mission to get as many people to remember who they truly are and step into that power, which is divine and awesome. 

If humans keep reproducing without taking full responsibility for doing so then the pace of evolution here will be very slow and the "suffering" and "war" and "grief" etc will perpetuate. If however people who choose to have children do so with the conviction that those souls who enter will be directly from and remain in the true light in order to remind others on the planet of their reality, then that could be a very good thing indeed and help to expel the karmic cycle and move more in harmony with the evolution of the planet itself, which as we know is now shifting massively in frequency.

It's a big ask but an essential one in my view in this age old battle between light and dark.