Pisces Season and the Sacral Chakra

As we have now entered the Pisces season according to the Tropical zodiac it is time to shift our awareness to the second chakra known in Sanskrit as the Svadhisthana and in English as the Sacral chakra. This chakra is ruled by the great benefic planet Jupiter who naturally expands anything we focus upon, he is known as "Guru" in Vedic astrology - the almighty wise one, the teacher of universal knowledge and wisdom. This chakra is related to the Water element and it governs our creativity, deep intuition and joy, the true powers of the feminine can be found here. Without creation there would be nothing - that is how important attention to this chakra is. Physically it rules the womb and reproductive organs, lower spine and abdomen, lower digestive organs, kidneys and bladder area. This chakra is symbolised by a six petaled lotus flower, the number six is very harmonious and can bring bliss in terms of temporal human fulfilment - it is a lower chakra, therefore mostly about earthly matters rather than the divine intelligence found in the upper chakras.


If we consider the season related to Pisces in the northern hemisphere it is still Winter but with signs of Spring beginning to show themselves. The odd new buds on the trees, the bulbs of low level plants shooting up from the ground and the sunshine beginning to feel warm again on our skin. Only the strongest flora and fauna and animals will survive the next month or so on into the Spring and Summer to then achieve a full cycle of the natural year. Putting this into a human context, this is very much the time to begin feeling ourselves again from within as seasonal element has now moved from Earth to the more fluid Water. We are no longer needing to hibernate or retreat quite so much as during the Capricorn/Aquarius season, we can now begin to emerge slowly, but carefully, so as not to undo our Root chakra work from these previous few months.


Emotions are likely to surface at this time (Water), we are fragile and more vulnerable when we tap into our feminine nature. I would encourage going into these rather than simply brushing them off in "masculine" way, as deep and lasting healing can take place at this time. It may be that you find yourself more easily triggered by people or even foods that you ingest - if so take these as signs and opportunities for creative growth within, along with emotional and bodily detoxing. Channel any anger or hurt into creativity, practice meditation (in the dark best with Pisces) and have quite times in nature just to see what comes and then work with this. Try gentle swimming or other water based activities like walking by the sea, spending time in a jacuzzi / hot tub or surfing for instance. Ride the waves so to speak! This should help with balancing the Water element within you as an individual, whether it is weak or strong.

As the other zodiacal sign associated with the Sacral chakra is Sagittarius and ruled by the Fire element, I would also suggest continuing the slightly warmer spiced foods during this season and less of the raw if your constitution has excess Water or you have a weak Fire element that needs strengthening, as sometimes the former can literally put the latter out. As always do keep it in balance though, listen to your body and remember it is still important to connect with Water at this time and our more feminine emotional side. If you don't know your constitutional type then you can look into this via many methods including Western Herbalism, Ayurveda, Astrology and acupuncturist Rhiannon Griffiths has an excellent downloadable free e-book on her website where you can find out via the Chinese 5 Element System - check it out here.


Essentially when we mirror nature life flows more smoothly than when we go against the grain. At this time it is very tempting to just push push push onwards in a very yang or masculine way... BUT I would urge you to only take steps forward on the days where this comes naturally. As in nature right now there will be increasingly more days as we get closer to Spring Equinox (21st March) and Solar Plexus season that are more "firey", however there will also be the colder, slower, damp days that will nip you in the bud if you don't respect them! So if you are having an "off" day, or being blocked somehow by external circumstances, just remember this is par for the course in life full stop, but also especially at this time of the year. In the long run you are better acknowledging these moments and gaining insight and wisdom as they arise.

Pisces wants us to dig deep into the darkness and see what jewels you can bring to the surface, be it past hurts finally ready to release back to spirit or new ideas to nurture gently and take forward. "Nurture" really is a key word here, as a mother would a child in her womb. As I mentioned in my post on The REAL New Year and How to Prepare starting a vision board is a really helpful exercise during the Winter months - this is especially true during Pisces season as its all about visioning, insights and our longer term dreams. Speaking of which make sure you pay attention to those literally too each night - they may become more vivid as the subconscious tries to get messages through to you, follow the journey through the season. Pisces is the most mystical and dark "behind the scenes" zodiac sign, the perfect combination for working with the womb governing Sacral chakra! Also a great time to have evening female gatherings that bring out the inner goddess in each other, especially as Venus is just rising again in the sky. Restorative, yin or shadow practice done after sunset may also bring more growth and healing than the more physical yang (Solar) based yoga practices.

This Pisces Season we will continue on the theme of the Sacral chakra including recipes from The Chakra Kitchen: Feed your Body to Nourish your Spirit, crystal recommendations and more to support your journey!