Spring Detox Tea

Hi all,

This past week I have been enjoying my Detox Tea blend from the Spring chapter of my book The Chakra Kitchen. It's a great one to cleanse the liver and blood, it also has acts as a diuretic and has calming and anti-rheumatic properties. 

Blend makes 1 3/4 oz / 15g

1/2 oz / 14g organic dried red clover

1/2 oz / 14g organic dried nettle leaves

2 tbsp organic dried burdock root

2 tbsp organic dried dandelion root

Combine the herbs and store in an air tight container until best before date (usually at least a year from purchase of the herbs). To serve use a heaped teaspoon per cup and brew in a filtered teapot for 4-5 minutes (or use a strainer after brewing to serve).


Sarah x