The Olympics opening our heart chakras

So I felt compelled to write a blog today about the Olympics and its role in our lives. It is undoubtedly one of the better concepts of humankind, where every four years we get to unite and compete in good spirit, showcasing the best sporting talent in the world. These competitors, male and female, are a resounding example of just how far human capacity can go. They are at the top of their game, they are the ones that reach their goals year after year and simply bounce back with more determination if they don't achieve on any given occasion.  

I think we can learn so much from those in this industry. They are shining examples of humans who devote themselves to their childhood dreams (I like to think that for the most part they are not forced into it by parents or teachers!) . They very much align their chakras to achieve these magnificent feats and as a result bring hope and joy to masses of spectators globally, even in places where life is tough, there is nearly always an athlete or two who fly the flag for positive achievement and ignite hope in us all.

Our heart chakras blast open when we watch with suspense and eagerness as yet another one of our team succeed or indeed another outstanding performer from one of the many nations. On "Super Saturday" at London 2012 I literally felt that city and the entire country become a unit of heart centredness, yes it was brief, but I think that having the Olympics in our capital city did us the world of good.  If only there were more occasions like this, less expensive perhaps, but equally as uplifting and magnificent that bring us together on a global stage and distract us from the fear injected monotony of everyday life.  I'm glad the people's Lottery money supports Team GB and future young people to grow strong and healthy bodies, willpower and mindsets. Long may it last.