What a week ha?!

I'm just sat waiting for imovie to re-install on my ipad and thought i'd write a quick blog on the week we've just had in the UK. How interesting and synchronistic (of course) with the current astroscape. Try telling that to your dad this when he's stressing out about Boris, I'm sure he just things I'm mad when I talk about the planets... ! Anyway, I'm excited as usual about life and this vote changes nothing for me, i'd have been happy with either decision and that's a good place to be. You see I don't let external matter influence me in the way many do and I would urge you to consider living life with the same attitude going forwards.

The key to true power and happiness lies within, not without as many a wise guru has said and its TRUE! No government, union or royal will ever control you or your life unless you let them and their surrounding propaganda (media) do so. So don't get dragged down by what other people are saying or thinking, it will only result in confusion and stagnation of your energy field. Instead seize this opportunity to stay centred and come up with bright new ideas of your own for a new dawn. The more we each individually emanate positive and innovative ideas and actions towards the greater good - a united and peaceful country and world, the better. We are the collective consciousness and every thought and action matters and has an impact on the whole on and off the planet.

We now live in the digital age, remember that when people start babbling on about borders and territories... nothing can come between us and our friends, family and associates globally as long as we have the internet, social and online learning platforms and phones. We are prepared for this as a species as we always have been during mass shifts in our history. Its a great opportunity to increase democracy and change our systems for the better, I await with interest to see if we even have rival political parties in a year or two..... I hope that this moment will see the collapse of such lower chakra battles and people will emerge like butterflies with grace and flow... maybe I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...

Much love


ps if you are struggling at the moment take a look at my new intro video on Chakra Sessions and maybe we can work together to improve things.