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I have seen Sarah Wilkinson in my home for a number of sessions over the past 6 months and have found her work with me invaluable in supporting my physical and spiritual health. Energy and chakra work in the sessions themselves has been caring, supportive, thorough and fun, and Sarah has followed it up with a host of useful pointers including exercises, articles, videos, links to other therapists, nutritional recommendations etc. I would recommend working with Sarah to anyone struggling with physical challenges, or anyone wishing to tread the path the helps them be their ‘best self’. She has been a true blessing.
— Sarah, 23 September 2016

As a women in my mid 30s, I believe that looking after our chakra systems is essential to maintaining good health and wellbeing more than ever before in this digital age. We are literally bombarded with external distractions and pollutants, from excessive screen time to EMF exposure. This alongside the general fast hubbub of life and everyday interactions with people, can at times really take its toll on us, often more than we consciously realise. Just think for one minute of all of the above on top of the usual issues a modern woman faces. These can range from childhood parental programming (often resulting in self-image and esteem problems), coping with marital difficulties, career progression, power struggles, physical illness, parenting, entering the menopause... just to name a few. I know, it's a lot to contend with at times... but the good news is that if you've hit crisis point then I'm here to help!

I have gained much wisdom over the years from life experiences, going deep within myself, study and trainings in the areas of mind, body and spirit. I also have a professional background working within arts administration, education, setting up networks, leadership and change management. During our time together, I will work with you to optimise the functionality of your chakras and to strengthen your bio-magnetic field (aura) for improved health alongside offering intuitive, practical advice and strategies to help you tap into your true feminine powers, reach personal and professional goals and a happier, more authentic and abundant way of being. Please read the chakra section for more information on the system.

Breakdown of sessions:

We begin by having two intensive initial 2.5 hour sessions in close proximity to really nail and start to shift what's going on with you by working through each of the chakras from bottom to top looking from all perspectives - physical, psychological and spiritual. These sessions will look at your whole life so far as a canvas to begin working from. 

Subsequent sessions last for 1 or 2 hours depending on the need and include a combination of further conversation, hands on energy healing with crystals and sound. I also work with other energy medicine techniques to boost energy levels via the meridians, neurolymphatic points and aura work to really keep the benefits of what you receive in a session intact. Often I will read intuitively with chakra oracle and tarot cards during our sessions too if it feels beneficial (I now also offer recordings of intuitive card readings via the shop).

On average around 2-3 follow up appointments are required post the initial sessions to really get you on track and manage things effectively yourself going forwards. There tends to be between 2-4 weeks between each of these. Some ladies also choose to continue working with me on a monthly basis as they find it to be beneficial. I really like to empower women to use techniques on themselves and take healing into their own hands ultimately as it is the most satisfactory and economical! I like to see myself as a teacher and guide on your journey towards optimal health and wellbeing. I have these gifts to offer and I love to help wherever I can.  

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Please make payments below or via the Healing and Readings section of the shop and fill in the appointment form when prompted, I will then get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your appointment/s.


(includes both appointments and a set of large crystals and chakra tea samples)







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If you are unable to pay the full fees due to personal circumstances, but are truly committed to investing in understanding and nurturing the true self, then alternative arrangements can be discussed at the time of booking.

I have a 48 hour cancellation policy, anything later than this will incur 50% of the session fee


Sessions take place at the client's home, which should be within a 50 mile radius of my base in Thame, Oxfordshire. I cover this county along with Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Hertfordshire and some parts of London.


I am fully insured to practice Energy Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression.