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Sarah Wilkinson

   intuitive healer, creator & author


A woman helping women to journey deep into their authenticity via intuitive healing, plant-based nutrition and an ethical, handcrafted product line. My work has been featured in various media including Mind, Body, Green, OM Yoga Magazine, Red Online, Vegan Life, Sheerluxe and Lilou Mace TV

I work primarily with the chakras and using a variety of methods in my one to one Chakra Sessions, which are highly recommended for deep and committed healing. I also offer recorded Intuitive Card Readings and Remote Healing

My first book "The Chakra Kitchen: Feed your Body to Nourish your Spirit" published by CICO Books is filled with organic, seasonal, vegan and gluten-free recipes based around the chakra system. This offering, alongside my hand-blended organic herbal Chakra Teas and Chakra Aroma Range complement spiritual practice and healing sessions. 

I look forward to connecting, working and sharing with you!

I was looking for help on how to find the strength to get on with my life after breast cancer and all the harsh treatments that I had to have.
Sarah is a true blessing, always exceptional! Her kindness, sincere caring, and healing made everything better. She is one of the reasons that I am doing very well now. She helps a lot with all my issues that get in the way of my self-expression, self-acceptance and self-love. How to face whatever is in front of me... Words cannot describe how grateful I am.
Thank you for taking such good care of me.
— Lana, August 2017