Chakra Bracelet


Chakra Bracelet

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I am happy present a bespoke and beautiful line of vegan and ethical handcrafted chakra jewellery made by the Didi Jewellery Project, New Delhi, India. The charity was set up by Laurel Gunnarson (Oakland, California) with the aim providing women in India facing hardship with an opportunity to generate an income and gain self-confidence. The word Didi means “sister” in Hindi, which I felt a synergy with and hope that you will too.

Each bracelet includes semi-precious stones that resonate with the chakra concerned and a brass spiral formation to represent the “spinning wheel” pulling in the fresh and expelling the old redundant energies. The pieces can be worn alone or as a complement to each other and/or with the matching earrings. They were also designed to wrap around my handmade chakra candles.

The centre piece measures approximately 2cm in diameter and the band is fully adjustable.

crown - amethyst - divinity, consciousness, spirituality, intuition

brow - lapis lazuli - insight, meditation, psychic, mentality

throat - apatite - expression, communication, voice, sound

heart - emerald - love, compassion, romance, empathy, cardiovascular

solar plexus - citrine - willpower, transformation, strength, digestion

sacral - carnelian - pleasure, joy, sexuality, creativity, libido

root - ruby - security, grounding, family, money, immunity

The bracelets are presented in a recycled kraft pillow box with burlap ribbon.

For more in-depth information on the properties of stones used please look at the chakra tumblestones also available here.