Intuitive Card and Astrological Readings


Intuitive Card and Astrological Readings

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Your reading was really good and just what I needed. Everything made sense and was relevant to me.
— Rebecca, 28 October 2017

Option 1: A 30 minute general intuitive reading using my pendulum alongside chakra oracle and tarot cards sent to your inbox in MP4 format. Simply purchase the reading here leaving your contact details at the checkout and then I will send your reading within 3 working days. I work with the subconscious to provide insights into your current situation and what is developing for you as an individual, the potentials and guidance on moving forwards. Please note that I do not predict definite outcomes, simply likelihoods based on your current vibration that I am tuning into. I believe that your destiny is ultimately between yourself and the Creator.

Option 2: A 1 hour recorded reading in MP4 format. In addition to the above I include a brief overview of your natal chart using a combination of western and eastern methods including a mini astrological Birth Card reading using renowned Tropical Vedic Astrologer Ernst Wilhelm’s “Cards of Truth” system. This is a more in depth predictive system, again though as with option 1, I will only suggest likelihoods based on your spread. I see astrology as a blueprint that you can work with, energies you can ride with when they arise for better or for worse, the key is to tune in to the higher vibrational aspects of each planetary energy to receive more harmonious outcomes. Sometimes in life certain events are predestined including births and deaths, but we do have some free will at our disposal to evolve out of unhelpful ancestral patterns and destructive subconscious programming. You may also ask one question with this option when you order your reading. Please see the video interview below for more information on the “Cards of Truth”.

Option 3: Combination of Option 1 with an additional chakra diagnosis and applicable Chakra Aroma Roller sent to you (UK customers only).

Option 4: Combination of Option 2 with an additional chakra diagnosis and applicable Chakra Aroma Roller sent to you (UK customers only).