I have seen Sarah Wilkinson in my home for a number of sessions over the past 6 months and have found her work with me invaluable in supporting my physical and spiritual health. Energy and chakra work in the sessions themselves has been caring, supportive, thorough and fun, and Sarah has followed it up with a host of useful pointers including exercises, articles, videos, links to other therapists, nutritional recommendations etc. I would recommend working with Sarah to anyone struggling with physical challenges, or anyone wishing to tread the path the helps them be their ‘best self’. She has been a true blessing.
— Sarah, 23 September 2016
I am so grateful for my work with you Sarah, and for the journey you have given me courage and tools to embark on. What a blessing indeed.
— Sarah, 25 May 2016
I really got a lot out of sessions with Sarah and would highly recommend her to anyone. I was able to see a clear improvement in my chakra flow at the end of the sessions compared to the start. It was amazing! She has a real gift and such a great person too.
— Natalia, 31 October 2015
I knew for a long time that something wasn’t working in my body. My yoga teacher recommended to have a healing session with Sarah. The results were impressive. Love & blessings to this gifted healer.
— Helen, 11 October 2015
I am of the opinion that Flora is the best tea in the work, at least the best I have ever tasted, including how I feel after I have drunk a cup. I am gradually converting those nearest and dearest.
— JHG, 28 March 2015
Your Chakra Tea Flora has really helped me and my husband very recently when going through a very stressful (root chakra) situation for days on end!! Over that time we drank your tea all through the day and it was a great source of grounding and comfort. So thank you very much for creating it. I will make sure I always have some in the cupboard! My plants are also benefiting from the tea as I tip any remaining liquid that’s gone cold over the weaker plants and put the tea leaves in the compost ready to invigorate new growth. I can also attest that on hot days the tea is a great summery drink chilled with some ice cubes.
— Rebecca, 12 June 2014