The Chakra Kitchen

Lighter eating doesn’t mean going hungry! Sarah Wilkinson’s delicious dishes prove that comfort food can be nutritious and satisfying too
— Vegetarian Living, February 2016

Since the birth of my business Chakra Cakes in 2012, I have been creating seasonal, organic and energetically empowered recipes alongside blending herbal chakra teas (available here). My gift to the world is to now share some simple, natural recipes, so that you too can enjoy the benefits of eating healthily whilst working with your chakras.... 

My first book "The Chakra Kitchen: Feed your Body to Nourish your Spirit" published by CICO Books, has been featured in several publications including: Top Sante, Om Yoga, Vegan Life and Natural Health Magazine and on popular online sites such as Mind, Body, Green.

The book is organised by season and contains only organic, vegan and gluten free recipes based around the chakra system.

There is a nutritional section and information on how to energetically empower food further by working with crystals as you cook. All the recipes are colour coded for easy cross-referencing to an explanatory section on the chakras.

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Please note: Unfortunately there were a couple of publishing errors on pages 62 and 122 - these recipes should say buckwheat flour not groats!