Capricorn, Saturn and the Root Chakra

As I mentioned in my previous post on The REAL New Year and How to Prepare - this is the time of year when it is important to rest, restore and gently build up our physical strength throughout Winter before Spring Equinox and the subsequent weeks. According to Sidereal astrology the sun is now in the zodiac sign of Capricorn (whose main constellation is known as the Sea-Goat or sometimes Crocodile in ancient mythologies) and this is ruled by Saturn who also governs the Root chakra (Muladhara). More daylight now enters our lives again as we gradually build up the strength to increase our daily activities and go out into the world proper again come Spring. In the Tropical zodiac the Sun entered the zodiac sign of Capricorn on the day of the Winter Solstice so at the time of writing this post both systems align.


In ancient Vedic mythology the Sun (father) does not usually get on with Saturn (his Son), but his entry into the Capricorn is an exception - a truce moment if you like where positive soul growth can be experienced. Saturn is the slowest moving and deepest acting amongst the seven personal planets and is also known constitutionally as the coldest (furthest from the Sun). Therefore it resonates well with the season of Winter in the northern hemisphere with its undertones of darkness, death, decay and endings. With the Sun entering this area of the zodiac and the days increasingly getting longer now until Summer Solstice, we have a sense that there is hope for sustainable life on Earth both for its natural fauna and inhabitants who are keen and able to complete another seasonal cycle. In this sense it can also symbolise eternal life or life after death - the rising power of the Sun again. If we can face the cold hard truth about ourselves at this time (which Saturn represents and can trigger) and shed any illusions, then it is my belief that rewarding and long term results can occur from working with this energy.

Whilst Saturn can represent loyalty and longevity it can also bring about the strength to say no when necessary if boundaries have been breached (something that many find hard to do). It seems no wonder for instance that both personal and working relationships end at this time of the year as a lot of self-recognition can take place and perhaps sometimes it is about reconciling with this away from others, so that we can grow as individual souls before reconnecting again externally. If we have been caught in an illusion that all is well when really it isn't, then Saturn is the teacher that can certainly wake us up with a thud - bring us back down to earth literally!

The Root chakra is all about physicality and predominantly the earth element, which also rules Capricorn. If we nurture our immune systems, keep our body temperatures stable and rest well during this time then we will have enough reserves built up for the Spring. Solid roots and foundations for the cycle ahead can be created. As the seat of the Kundalini, the Root chakra is an important area and should be well tended to. Running before we can walk can often cause problems later on such as falls and accidents and it is the natural order of things from birth to do one before the other as our root chakras are developing. Likewise, in yoga if you fully activate and raise the Kundalini before you are sufficiently prepared i.e. on loose foundations, often traumatic consequences can occur spiritually/psychologically and physically. So even though I encourage starting to work with your dreams and goals at this time (as I stated in my previous post), take your time, plant those seeds slowly and work with and not against the natural forces at this time of the year.


Facing our truth and consciously making efforts to speak and act with sincerity are great ways to honour the energy of Capricorn, Saturn and the root chakra. We are working here with the sign and planet that naturally rule the 10th house of the zodiac - this is at the peak or top of the wheel and the place where our status and recognition in the world lies. It is the absolute pinnacle above the horizon where feminine meets masculine side by side in the constellations of Capricorn and Aquarius. Ask yourself questions such as "How is it that I want to be seen by others?" and "Is this who I genuinely am, or is this the mask that I like to wear?" - liberate yourself into authenticity.

I would also recommend introspection and meditation on the Root chakra at this time, as Saturn is all about discipline and patience (this is really the primary intended way to work with all the chakras, so good to get into the habit now as we begin our journey through this year). You can do this simply by visualising the four petalled lotus flower at the base of the spine and internalising the seed mantra "lam". If you wish you add the colour red and work with a gemstone such as onyx or garnet then use your intuition on which will work with you the best at that time (my next post will go into more detail on possible gemstones to use when working with this chakra). In my downloadable FREE Tops Tips I give other ways to work with the root chakra. I would also recommend eating more root vegetables (see The Chakra Kitchen for recipes) and working with aromatherapy oils such as those contained in my Strength Chakra Aroma Roller as they work on a deep sensory level (again particularly relevant for the root).

I wish you all the best in connecting with your Root chakra and building new foundations for the year ahead and look out for further posts as we move through the zodiac cycle.

Addendum: Please note that the zodiacal period of Aquarius is also traditionally ruled by Saturn and can be used to similar effect in supporting the Root chakra, although the element associated with this sign is air, thus it can also be a time to bring things into the heart chakra area (appropriate for St Valentine's Day). Inner tending and forgiveness are ideal to help your new roots grow strong. I recommend during tropical Aquarius to start to go outside more and breathe in the beginnings of new life in nature and adding the element of air to the seeds you are planting within for the year ahead. Importantly Imbolc/Candlemass occur at this time (the half-way point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox) - a celebration of light increasing and new life beginning to shoot forth, the Crone becoming the Maiden again.