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Large Chakra Tumblestones
Large Chakra Tumblestones

Chakra Crystals

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A luxury set of medium/large chakra tumblestones that can be used for general support around the home or on the body during meditation and healing (they come included with my chakra sessions). The stones can also be used in preparing recipes from my book The Chakra Kitchen

crown - amethyst - strengthens the endocrinal and immune systems whilst having a good effect on right brain activity and pineal and pituitary glands - blood cleanser and energiser - enhances spiritual development and cuts through illusion, inspiring healing and intuition.

brow - lapis lazuli - aids with meditation - provides insight and clarity of mind, including memory recall - can help relieve insomnia and is a mood enhancing stone, relieving depression.

throat - apatite - helps with personal expression and the flow of communication, encouraging a flexible attitude - activates the intellect and deepens understanding - helps with teeth and bone health.

heart – emerald - helps to reveal the truth and promotes honesty - boosts love, friendship and relationships as a whole - a powerful healing stone speeding up cleansing processes in the body.

solar plexus – citrine - the sunshine stone that doesn't hold on to any negative energy, bringing protection, self-empowerment and attracting wealth - very good for healing the gallbladder, digestive organs, kidneys - prevents self-destructive tendencies, helping to raise self-esteem – light-hearted and warming.

sacral – carnelian - helps to heal the gallbladder, kidneys and pancreas and aids tissue regeneration - a good balancer and super energising stone, helping one to connect with the inner self - boosts creativity and sexuality and helps to balance masculine and feminine energies.

root - ruby – a fantastic stone for providing a sense of security and self-esteem – has the ability to warm, ground and steady a person helping them with everyday life - can help to attract wealth and also eases menstrual cycle issues.

The stones measure approximately 2.5 - 3 cm in width and are presented in a natural and biodegradable sinamay bag.